Couplings is used to join two conduit steel pipe together, which create longer distance of the pipe. This coupling uses a 5 mm JP Bolt to tighten the type E conduit system, confirming that it won’t detached during installation.

Petra Conduit's heavy-gauge steel construction maintains mechanical protection and solid grounding of one conduit to another. These set-screw couplings eliminate the need to thread bald conduits to fit old threaded couplings. Set-screw couplings are zinc electroplated for excellent corrosion protection in damp locations.

Technical Specification

Cross Section View

Lateral Section View

Size and Dimension

Type D L Weight
G-16 25.0 38 0.05
G-22 31.0 44 0.09
G-28 37.5 50 0.13
G-36 48.5 56 0.24
G-42 54.5 56 0.32
G-54 68.0 64 0.50
G-70 84.0 72 0.66
G-82 97.0 80 0.87
G-92 110.5 85 1.3
G-104 123.5 90 1.6

Product Feature

High Corrosion Resistance

Pure zinc coating on the exterior wall and stoved epoxy resin finish on the inside protects white conduit from corrosion, even by harsh chemicals and sea air.

Easy and Fast Installation

Precise, sharp threads cut by automated machinery mean fast and easy installation. Precise thread also makes our conduit virtually moisture-tight.

Uniform Quality

Flat steel is rolled, zinc - coated and threaded in one continuous automated process for uniform high quality.