Normal Bend / Elbow


Petra Conduit is a leading Indonesia manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy. Vinidex is wholly owned by the Metal Manufactures Group and has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Vinidex is an innovative and technically advanced thermoplastics pipe and fittings manufacturer with manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities throughout each of the States in Australia. Founded in 1960, Vinidex has grown significantly to become a national company employing several hundred staff working in manufacturing, product development, research and testing, sales, customer service and distribution. Vinidex supplies complete pipe systems and solutions comprising our own manufactured products and those of our national and international suppliers. Vinidex pipe and fittings systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply

Technical Specification

Cross Section View

Size and Dimension

Type R t L No. of
E-19       1 0.1
E-25 120 50 170 1 0.2
E-31 150 60 210 2 0.4
E-39 180 75 255 2 0.6
E-51 230 100 330 2 1.0
E-63 290 120 410 2 1.7
E-75 350 150 500 2 2.8

Product Feature

High Corrosion Resistance

Pure zinc coating on the exterior wall and stoved epoxy resin finish on the inside protects white conduit from corrosion, even by harsh chemicals and sea air.

Easy and Fast Installation

Precise, sharp threads cut by automated machinery mean fast and easy installation. Precise thread also makes our conduit virtually moisture-tight.

Uniform Quality

Flat steel is rolled, zinc - coated and threaded in one continuous automated process for uniform high quality.